DunbarWalker Productions is a multi-media production company that specializes in creating content across multiple platforms, event planning and management. Owner and President Michael Walker and his staff have combined professional experience that equals more than ninety years in producing high quality content for film, radio, television and the internet. This also includes as corporate training videos, video news releases, commercials and documentaries. Walker's 25 years of experience in broadcast journalism is part of the success of his multimedia company.

Some of DunbarWalker Productions clients include work for the Leon County Sheriff's office, Florida A&M University, the Florida Education Association, Bronx Aids Services, national news networks ABC, CBS CNN and National Public Radio and CGI Communications. DunbarWalker Productions believes in strong collaboration between the client and the producing team. From concept to final product, DunbarWalker Productions can meet or exceed client expectations.

In addition to running the daily operations of DunbarWalker Productions, Mr. Walker also teaches broadcast journalism production on a part time basis to college students studying broadcast journalism. Walker received a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Syracuse University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree from the University of Phoenix. As a trained and experienced communications expert, Walker is guiding his company to meet the needs of clients who are looking to keep pace with the continually evolving world of communications.